Colonel d'ORNANO (1895-1941)
Descendant of the Field Marshall, he was on his first campaign in WWI and in Syria. He becomes an experienced Mehariste (member of Desert Raiding Camel Corps) and an Indigenous Affairs Officer. As Commandant in Soudan (not Sudan, but a part of the Occidental French Africa which was called like this at the time) and in Morocco, he was Administrator and head of a Native Indigenous Partisans Unit. In 1939, he had command of the 3rd Senegalese Machine-Gunners Regiment of Chad and of the area of Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti. He was assisted by a group of elite Officers going to be the core of the Leclerc Unit. In January 1941, the adventure becames elating, French Meharistes and the Long Range Desert Group join for an action against Uau-El-Kebir, and against the main position of the Fezzan area : Murzuck. The airstrip was taken, the position was harassed but D'ORNANO has been killed in the action.
"Wearing his bloody djellaba* and his serouel*, he was wrapped up in a blanket. On his chest, I pinned the Marine Anchor and a Lorraine Cross".(Gen. MASSU)
* Traditionnal clothing of mehariste similar to the Bedouins or touareg's clothing.